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Intelligent Lighting Management System

Smart Street Lighting Management System is a smart street light product that integrates various information equipment technology innovation composite applications, with intelligent lighting, wifi hotspot, environmental information collection, security and road intelligence monitoring, information release, emergency visual alarm and electric vehicle intelligence. A variety of functions such as charging bars.The product adopts modular structure design, and customers can choose different functional modules according to different needs and different applications to provide better service and infrastructure for the owners and the end users of their services.


The smart street lights in the urban public lighting system are equipped with detection equipment on each street lamp.Not only can the light brightness be automatically adjusted according to the traffic flow, but also the vehicle can be detected by the vehicle. At the same time, the operation of remotely turning on and off the brightness of each street lamp can be performed on the centralized control platform.It can also realize functions such as self-test failure and automatic error reporting.The realization of these functions not only facilitates the management of the street lighting network of the whole city by the street lamp management department, but also guarantees the driving safety of the road vehicles to a considerable extent.In the future, the street lighting intelligent lighting system may also replace the navigation system, guiding the car through the street lights along the way.

Single lamp control for all lamps and lanterns ; Full-time uninterrupted power supply ; 4 G Blind Spot Replenishment/5G Continuous Coverage Base Station ; WiFi coverage ; LED Display Screen ; Brightness, color and temperature adjustable ; Continuous coverage of seamless video mosaics ; 220V Sweep Payment and Call ; Mesh Sensor ; Electric Vehicle Charging Pile.

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