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Led solar street light

Structural Design Using Multiple Single Modules.

Optical PC lens for lamps and lanterns.

Airflow design for lamps and lanterns.

Adopting International First-Line Brand High Power LED Light Source.

Separate design, light source and power source are separated for subsequent maintenance.

The main body of the lamp is made of aluminium alloy. Its structure is safe, reliable and durable.

Modular Solar Street Lamp Controller:

Provide necessary lighting, save energy and maintain normal lighting in bad weather.

It can light control, automatically turn on the street lamp output and light the street lamp, and automatically turn off the output at daybreak to save energy.

Four-bit dial switch, free set four power (full power, 2/3 power, 1/2 power) discharge time, reasonable allocation of battery limited capacity.

Technical parameter:

Source height: 6.0-9.0 M.

Solar single crystal silicon panels: single lamp head 100W, double lamp head 160W.

Lighting time: 8 hours per day.

Continuous rainy weather: more than 5 days.

Controller: Microcomputer chip, integrated sensor and contactless control technology, with temperature compensation, intelligent discharge function.

Battery: Single lamp head: 12V/150Ah fully sealed valve controlled maintenance lithium ion battery ; Dual lamp head: 12V200Ah fully sealed valve controlled maintenance-free lithium-ion battery.

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