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Led purification lamp

Sterilization function: Dust removal and sterilization eliminates formaldehyde and other substances in interior decoration and wood-based panels and their products.
Smoke and dust removal: Aerobic molecules and smoke dust are neutralized in the electrode to make it naturally deposit to eliminate the harm of second-hand smoke
Manufacture of active oxygen: activates oxygen molecules in the air, making it active and more easily absorbed by the body, preventing "air conditioning diseases"
Improve lung function: The human body inhales oxygen ions and absorbs 20% more oxygen and 15% more carbon dioxide.
Beauty and beauty: Activate a variety of enzymes in the body, promote metabolism, delay human aging
Enhance disease resistance: Change body's ability to respond, activate reticuloendothelial system function, enhance body immunity, and promote children's growth and development
Improve sleep: Excitement, improve work and study efficiency, improve memory, have obvious analgesic effect
Protection: Neutralize high-voltage static electricity of household appliances to eliminate high-voltage static electricity to prevent eye damage.Purification lamps are known as "green light sources" and "vitamins in the air"

The purifying lamp is a lighted air purifier, which is the perfect combination of innovative wisdom and high technology.It produces a large amount of negative ions while illuminating. In nature, plant photosynthesis, waterfalls, thunderstorm lightning can produce air negative ions.The air containing negative ions is breathable and refreshing. When the concentration of air negative ions is high, it can inhibit the proliferation of various pathogens and purify the inhalable particles such as dust, smoke, pollen and dander in indoor air.
Purification lamps are widely used in office buildings, homes, hotels, shopping malls, stations, passenger cars, airports, hospitals, chess and card rooms, entertainment venues, etc.

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