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Solar street light energy storage battery pack / system

The lithium-ion energy storage battery developed by our company according to the "Design Standard for Urban Road Lighting" (CJJ45-2006) is widely used in the wind-solar complementary street lighting system, suitable for outdoor road lighting, as well as mobile power supply for remote mountainous areas, pastoral areas, islands, sentinels, weather stations, radar stations, field operations and other lack of power supply. The corresponding place.

Note: Products can be customized according to customer needs.

Large engineering case

Product characteristics and advantages

The battery has the advantages of light weight, high energy density and more energy reserve.

In the whole production process of battery pack, there are several traceable processes to facilitate the later tracking management.

Full of one-time electrical energy to ensure the normal operation of street lights in extreme weather within a week.

The dual management design of battery pack intelligence and street lamp charging and discharging system ensures the consistency of voltage, which makes the whole battery pack system more reliable and safer.

The design scheme has been validated and tested many times to meet various national requirements and indicators.

Ultra-high and low temperature resistance characteristics: - 20 60 battery pack normal use.

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