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Warm congratulations to Li Shijiang, chairman of the board of directors of DFD, on winning the "most beautiful retired soldier" honorary title in 2019

2020/1/3 9:52:32

On December 24, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission jointly released the advanced deeds of "shining name - the most beautiful veterans in 2019". Li Shijiang, the chairman of the board of directors of DFD Chemical Co., Ltd., as the only one selected in Henan Province, stepped on the podium and won the award.

In 2019, the "most beautiful veteran" advanced deeds were released to carry out the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on the work of ex servicemen, vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism, tell the story of veteran soldiers, and encourage the vast majority of veterans to cherish their honor, keep their true colors, and actively participate in the learning and publicity activities of national development and construction.

As a retired veteran and a 50 year old Communist Party member, Li Shijiang has always been at the forefront of serving the country through industry and strengthening the army through science and technology. With his unremitting pursuit of science and technology throughout his life, he has interpreted the mission of a retired soldier to "serve the party through industry and never fade"

At the award ceremony, Li Shijiang said passionately: once a soldier, there will be a soul in his life. People who have been in the army always have a belief in safeguarding the dignity of the country and the nation with their lives. I am an old rocket soldier who joined the army in 1968, led my team and veterans, developed a series of new national products, revised more than 100 national and industrial standards, and won the National Science and technology progress award. In the field of industry serving the country and strengthening the army with science and technology, I Always a new recruit, my biggest wish is to let Chinese enterprises rush to the forefront of innovation, have independent core technology, and let China's national industry stand on the world stage.

This is a retired veteran's solemn oath to the party and the country. It is the honest nature of an old Party member. It has polished the party emblem and dyed his original heart red.

Under the leadership of Li Shijiang, chairman of the board of directors, doflor is engaged in intensive cultivation in the fluorine chemical industry, cutting through the waves in the digital wave, from chemistry to electrochemistry, from fluorine chemical industry to new energy. It is in the same era and resonates with the powerful country. In the past 50 years, what has changed is the battlefield, and what has remained unchanged is responsibility and mission.

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