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Good news! Shenzhen Duofuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Obtained Contract Credit Enterprise Certificate

2019/8/29 14:27:55

  Recently, Shenzhen Duofuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has received the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Certificate of "Keeping Contract and Respecting Credit" issued by Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau.

  Winning this honor is the result of the company's continuous insistence on honest management, which greatly improves the company's popularity and influence in the industry.

"Respecting contract and keeping promise" is beneficial to the follow-up development of enterprises:

1. It is conducive to improving the integrity of enterprises and establishing a good image of enterprises. It can also reflect that enterprises strive for survival with integrity, and at the same time it is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the market or in the peers.

2. More than 50 preferential policies will be enjoyed by 16 administrative departments such as industry and commerce, customs, taxation, inspection and quarantine, quality supervision, construction, science and technology, including a series of priority and preferential policies such as certification, customs clearance for import and export of products, project bidding and credit, financial support, etc.

3. Government procurement priority or project bidding plus points; many major project bidding and product procurement will give priority to enterprises that have been recognized as "contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprises" or win bids.

4. Banks in some regions have increased the amount of credit granted to enterprises that have passed the Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises.

5. It is helpful to develop powerful distributors, agents and consumers by weight-keeping.

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